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NodeJS: An Overview

NodeJS: An Overview

Node.js is a lean, fast server-aspect platform that is built on Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine. It turned into written with the useful resource of Ryan Dahl in 2009 and its modern-day day model to be had is v0.10.36. The meaning as provided by way of its reputable documentation is as follows.

it's miles a podium constructed on Chrome's JavaScript runtime with a cause of clean building of fast and scalable network applications. It adopts an occasion-driven, non-blocking off I/O model which makes it light-weight and efficient, and additionally perfect for facts-sizeable real-time packages run for the duration of one-of-a-type disbursed devices.

it's far defined as a JavaScript runtime environment it really is each flow-platform and open - deliver. It beneficial for each servers and computing device packages.The packages are written using JavaScript, and they are able to run in the Node.js runtime on the subsequent OS X, Microsoft windows, and Linux.

It also gives a properly-geared up library of severa JavaScript modules that simplify the development of internet packages using the platform to a amazing extent.

functions of Node.js are as follows:

• Non blockading and focus is at the event − All API's of Node.js library are asynchronous, i.e. they're non-blockading. It inside the beginning manner a Node.js based totally server will in no manner watch for an API to return the records. The server then movements over to the subsequent API after calling it. It then the usage of notification mechanism of activities of this platform allows the server to get a reaction from the previous API name.

• Very fast - due to the reality this platform is fabricated on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine, its library is very rapid in code execution.

• even though it is single Threaded but it is especially Scalable − This platform uses a single threaded model together with occasion looping. event mechanism aids the server to reciprocate in a non-blockading manner and also makes the server notably scalable averse to the traditional servers which used to create restricted threads to deal with the requests. It makes use of a application this is single threaded and can set up provider to a miles larger number of requests in contrast to the conventional servers like Apache HTTP Server.

• No Buffering - The packages of this platform in no way buffers any facts. the ones packages honestly offer output to the information in chunks.

• License - The license for Node.js emerge as launched below the MIT license.

This platform is used by the following organizations in its operations follows: eBay, desired electric, GoDaddy, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, Wikipins, Yahoo!, and Yammer to call some.

Following are the place in which Node.js is proves itself as a exquisite technological companion.

• Adopts I/O certain applications

• statistics Streaming programs

• statistics big actual-time programs (dirt)

• JSON APIs based applications

• single page programs
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